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Use of Incorrect Performance Values

Many energy ratings, particularly those entered into the free on line calculators are using glass only U Value (U GLASS) and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC GLASS) performance results. Under the National Construction Code (NCC), within Building Code of Australia (BCA), energy efficiency provisions for Volume One, Section J2.4 Glazing and Volume Two, Section External Glazing state that external glazing performance data must be determined in accordance with the guidelines of the AFRC (Australian Fenestration Rating Council).

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Product Certification

The AWA is receiving a growing number of requests by Australian surveyors and state and territory building authorities for the validation of window and doors products that come with international certificates.

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Changes to Bushfire Construction requirements in Victoria

Following the devastating events of Black Saturday, the whole of Victoria was designated as a bushfire prone area. As of the 8th September 2011, this has been changed.

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Incorrect Use of Glass Only Values for Glazing Energy Performance Ratings

The AWA has been made aware that last week three South Australian window companies advised energy raters to use Glass only U-values (UGLASS, UCOG, UG) and SHGC (SHGCGLASS, SHGCCOG, SHGCG) in the absence of immediately available window (glazing) results to carry out building performance ratings. Not using total window (glazing) system values to Australian approved procedures and environmental conditions can result in significant under or over performance of the building envelope, especially in buildings with large glazed areas. The stated performance of the building will not meet the energy efficiency provisions of the BCA.

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Firetard 120

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