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The AWA is the national industry Association representing all window manufacturers and their suppliers.

With over 560 members, the majority of which are small to medium sized, the Australian Window Association is run as a co-operative – Eligible Members have one vote irrespective of size and financial contribution.

A full-time Executive Director manages the Association which has a full-time staff of ten. The Association Strategic Plan is monitored and revisited by an elected Management Committee via bi-monthly and quarterly meetings. All states have representation on the Association’s Board of Directors.


  • AWA & WERS

    Membership for companies who want membership of the Australian Window Association and the Window Energy Rating Scheme.

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  • AWA Only

    Membership for Suppliers, Professionals and Service providers to the industry who do not require membership to WERS.

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  • WERS Only

    The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) rates the energy performance of windows, skylights, and applied window films.

    Requirements for fenestration products have been in the Building Code of Australia for many years. Typically, these requirements had more to do with structural performance and safety rather than with energy. However, since 2003, energy efficiency requirements have been progressively established for windows in both residential and commercial construction.

    Download the WERS Membership Pack for more information.


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  • NSSA

    National Security Screen Association (NSSA) membership provides many benefits, including technical support, industry training and access to the Member's Only section of the website.

    Members are given access to Key Messages, Guides and Standards, technical bulletins, meeting minutes and other important information.

    Two types of Memberships are available: Full Membership and Associate Membership. For more information, or to join, please call the NSSA secretariat on 02 9497 2768.

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