For many years, the effect of glazing on energy performance, home comfort and safety has been greatly underutilised in Australia. Poorly designed windows and inefficient glass can make your home too hot or too cold increasing demand on artificial heating and air conditioning and making your home unsafe. Many Australian home owners are unaware of the high performance options available.

Well chosen window glass will help you maintain year round comfort and even reduce your power bills as well as making your home safe and secure. There are literally thousands of glass types available to use in your home windows.The choice in glazing options has grown dramatically in recent years.

Some of the more commonly used products are:

  • Toughened
  • Float
  • Tinted
  • Laminated
  • Low E
  • Insulated Glass Units (Double Glazing)

In these categories that are used there are many different products for different applications. Visit our glass members’ websites for more detailed information.

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